If you are facing a theft crime accusation or have been charged with a theft-related offense, your rights are in jeopardy. You need to contact Melissa van der Vijver to help ensure that your legal rights are protected through the criminal process. Even if there is physical evidence against you or a witness claims that he or she saw you steal an item or commit any type of theft crime,

there is always hope.

Melissa van der Vijver can review your charges, the police investigation and all aspects of the case in order to determine how to best defend you.


Types of Theft Crimes


There are actually several categories of theft crimes, including those which involve violence, those which are conducted in a business environment (white collar) and those which involve theft by deception (fraud).

There are also non-violent crimes involving the physical theft of objects,

as in shoplifting.

Melissa van der Vijver will make all the difference in the outcome of your theft crime case.


Melissa represents clients in all types of theft offenses  including:


Petty Theft

Grand Theft

Auto Theft





Bank Robbery



Identity Theft


Melissa van der Vijver is

dedicated to providing aggressive representation to clients charged with theft crimes throughout Sacramento, Placer, Yolo & El Dorado Counties in California.

You will have a free case evaluation so you can discuss your charges with Melissa and find out what can be done to help you.

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Being accused of fraud can devastate an individual's life – it can cause someone to lose their job and their reputation.


Fraud, categorized as a theft crime and a white collar crime, is heavily punished by the law in the state of California.

A person is accused of fraudulent activity when they intentionally misrepresent themselves for a beneficial purpose such as obtaining money, property or goods. In most cases of fraud, the victim of fraud suffers monetary or other types of damages. The following are a variety of fraud charges that can be prosecuted by the state:



Internet Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Mail Fraud

Wire Fraud

Bankruptcy Fraud

Employment Fraud

Bank Fraud

Identity Theft



When you or someone you love is facing serious fraud charges or is currently under investigation for fraud or forgery, immediately contact Melissa van der Vijver. The sooner you involve legal representation, the sooner you will be able to mount an aggressive defense against your charges. Melissa strongly advises you to remain silent and not to speak to any officials,

or anyone else for that matter, about your fraud charges or investigation until you have been directed to do so by her.

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